BREAKING: Occupy Congress: Bump in the Road Occupiers Kicked off Greyhound in Texas

Yesterday, a group of Occupiers from Occupy Greyhound were removed from a bus from simply being protesters.

Donald Ainsworth, the bus driver, began yelling at the passengers when he realized they were with Occupy. He began making personal and rude comments towards members when boarding with tickets but no one responded. 

Once the bus was boarded he began shouting “Sit down and shut up! Anyone standing is getting kicked off the bus.” Several passengers, not just Occupants, began addressing the driver’s conduct.

He left the bus, and locked all passengers within for over an hour.

Witnesses say he was on the phone for a while then police showed up. 

The officer came on the bus and spoke with the passengers, stating he knew Don’s attitude was poor but he had the right to remove them. After everyone agreed to be quiet, the officer re-approached Don and had a calm argument with him.

Following that, Don and the officer entered the bus and the officer announced he wanted 13 people off the bus. Don began to walk down the aisle and asked every passenger “are you with Occupy?” To the 13 of us who responded yes, the police ordered them to exit the bus. Then Don said “Anyone else support Occupy? You can get off too!”

The group of protesters are currently at in Amarillo at the Greyhound station. They are stream video live on Ustream. You can watch it here.

Contact Greyhound Lines and demand the Occupiers receive a charter directly to DC:

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH 45202
OH  Tel. 513-241-2200
Fax 513-419-3394

Greyhound department for complaints: 214-849-8966 (available till Monday)

Driver: Donald Ainsworth

Bus Number: 6252 en route to Memphis, TN 

(via anarcho-queer)